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Commuter Bob

Bob Henley is a self-proclaimed complainer. By day, the married father of two is a Human Resources professional. At night, he is Commuter Bob, a popular blogger who is famous for shining a pessimistic light on the pains of commuting from New Jersey to New York City. None of his five million Facebook followers knows what Bob looks like and he is determined to keep it that way.

As Bob shares an array of complaints about those who share his daily commute on the train, he humorously describes the erratic behavior of the arm swingers, the unwritten code of silence loyally adhered to by commuters, what it is like to be squished like a sardine in a can, and the agony of train delays. While Bob continues on his journey to stardom, a journalist who is tirelessly working to break his anonymity is never far behind—or so he thinks. Now only time will tell if he can maintain the secrecy behind his posts.

In this lighthearted tale, a mysterious man blogging about the annoyances of his daily commute to New York City must attempt to stay one step ahead of a journalist determined to reveal his identity.

For the Love of the Ocean

Summer Wright grows up an only child in Avon-by-the-Sea, New Jersey, an affluent town situated next to the Atlantic Ocean. But when she is sixteen, Summer’s idyllic childhood is transformed into a nightmare when her parents die in a car accident. Stricken with grief, she turns to her friends for comfort and help through the remainder of high school and college.

Chase has been Summer’s friend since she was born. Their families have always vacationed together and the teens share a love for night surfing. Although both sense there is something deeper under the surface, neither wants to pursue it for fear of losing their friendship. During college, both Chase and Summer date others. But just as college is ending and Summer is facing a big decision about whether to stay in Avon-by-the-Sea or move for a job, Chase finally gets the nerve to tell Summer how he really feels. As Summer struggles to understand her feelings for Chase, she must learn to trust her heart, for it never lies.

For the Love of the Ocean is a nostalgic tale of romance, self-discovery, loss, and new beginnings as two childhood friends face a monumental turning point in their relationship.